Thermoplastic is a permanent pavement marking used on asphalt concrete and portland cement road surfaces.  Thermoplastic is heated to form a liquid line that fuses with the pavement surface.  The bond creates a strong physical lock between the thermoplastic and the surface. Extrude Thermoplastic is applied at 90 to 125mils and Spray Thermoplastic is applied at 40 to 90mils.  The glass spheres applied to the thermoplastic increases nighttime reflectivity.

Benefit of Thermoplastic Markings:

“Throughout the world hot-applied thermoplastic is the preferred durable pavement marking system, providing exceptional traffic control and total life-cycle cost performance value” –Ennis Flint.

  • No Dry Time Needed: Thermoplastic dries within minutes.
  • Long Life Cycle: Thermoplastic’s durability increases it’s useful life.
  • Cost Efficient: The quality and longevity it’s line increases it’s cost efficiency.
  • Increased Line Thickness: The Thermoplastic line is more than double the thickness of any other liquid pavement marking.